Treat yourself to Brunch
Join us Saturdays and Sundays for great selection of brunch dishes, coffee drinks and brunch cocktails

We serve brunch from 11:00am – 3:00pm.

English breakfast
Fried eggs, sausages, bacon, baked beans, hash browns, cherry tomatoes and toast
2,790 kr.
Eggs & bacon
Fried eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast
2,190 kr.
The healthy one
Scrambled eggs with chives, vanilla skyr with muesli, fruit salad, toasted sourdough bread, blueberry jam and cheese
2,490 kr.
Steak & egg
Beef steak, fried egg, cherry tomatoes and french fries
3,190 kr.
Grilled focaccia
Smoked salmon, salad, horseradish sauce and parmesan
2,390 kr.
Skyr – vanilla skyr
Muesli and strawberries
1,200 kr.
Egg Benedict
pan-fried ham, fried spinach, sourdough bread and hollandaise sauce
2,190 kr.
Egg Norwegian
Smoked salmon, fried spinach, sourdough bread and hollandaise sauce
2,190 kr.
American pancakes
Strawberries and caramel
1,890 kr.
American pancakes
Bacon, butter and maple syrup
1,890 kr.
Belgian waffles
Syrup, blueberries and cream
1,890 kr.
Béarnaise hamburger
Salad, tomatoes, pickles, red onion jam, maribo cheese, bacon, herb aioli and béarnaise sauce
2,690 kr.
Chicken salad
Piri piri chicken, rucola, spinach, red chard, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, apples, cashew nuts, parmesan and ginger dressing
2,590 kr.

Kids brunch

12 years old and younger
American pancakes, maple syrup, bacon, sausages, fried egg, fruits, icelandic skyr with strawberries and muesli
1,490 kr.

Side orders

Eggs 2 pc600 kr.
Toast350 kr.
Bacon600 kr.
Rosti potatoes450 kr.
Pancakes 2 pc600 kr.