Group menu


Panfriend lagoustine, garlic bread and white wine sauce
Fish soup, langoustine, mussels, scallops, coconut, ginger and star anise
Labtartare, pockles, rucola salad, chili mayo with parmesan cheese

Main courses

Two coursesThree courses
SteikarloSteak sandwicha
flank steak, salad, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, fried onions, herb aioli & Bernaise sauce
4,990 kr.5,990 kr.
Oumph BBQ vegan sandwich
Salad, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, pickled onions, garlic sauce & sweet potato fries
4,990 kr.5,990 kr.
Grilled salmon
Mashed potatoes, leeks, capers, cellery, fennel and Hollandaise sauce
5,990 kr.6,990 kr.
Grilled leg of lamb
Potatoes, beetroot, spring onion & Bernaise sauce
6,590 kr.7,590 kr.
Beef Bouguignon
Perl onions, mushrooms, bacon carrot & potatoes
6,990 kr.7,990 kr.


Daim créme brulée with salt caramel ice cream
French chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and strawberries

The whole group must either order two or three courses.

The group can order two different main courses

If the group wants to go for two courses everyone must select either:
A) A starter and main course
B) A main course and dessert