Ceviche 2.790 kr.

Citrusmarinated Salmon with chilli, ginger and almonds

Carpaccio 3.490 kr.

Beef Carpaccio with grated Feykir cheese, roasted pecan nuts and citrus rucola

Carrot Soup (V) 2.890 kr.

Carrot Soup with coconut, rosemary and ginger

Plate 3.390 kr.

Prima Donna cheese, chili jam, Chorizo, Parma ham, salami, slowcooked grapes

Korean Chicken 3.290 kr.

Chicken covered in Korean Barbeque Sauce and sesame seed

Lamb Tartare 3.490 kr.

Lamb Tartare, roasted garlic mayo, pickled pearl onions, fried bread, chopped shalott, deep-fried shalott, chervil

Hummus 1.490 kr.

Hummus, deep fried tortilla chips, olive oil


Hamburger 2.990 kr.

Hamburger (140g) in potato bread, melted havarti cheese, tomatoes, salad, relish sauce and french fries

Bacon burger 3.290 kr.

Hamburger (140g) in potato bread, melted havarti cheese, béarnaise sauce, garlic fried mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, salad and french fries

Vegan burger (V) 3.390 kr.

Beetroot patty in potato bread, pickled red onion, salad, garlic fried mushrooms, aioli sauce and french fries

Steak Sandwich 3.390 kr.

Thinly sliced Beef fillet on foccicia bread, roasted mushrooms, bernaise sauce, deep-fried scallots, BBQ sauce and french fries


Langustine Sandwich 3.690 kr.

Lobster Tails on focaccia bread, slow-cooked tomatoes, garlic sauce, deep fried pecan nuts and french fries

Crunchy fries 1.290 kr.


Catch of the day 2.890 kr.

Ask the waiter

Lamb Shank 5.790 kr.

Lamb shank, roasted root vegetables, seasoned mashed potatoes, lamb glaze

LiBRARY Salad 3.890 kr.

Grilled chicken, lettuce, kale, Israeli couscous, cherry tomatoes, peppers, olives, pickled pearl onions, Middle Eastern dressing, (vegan available with oumph)

Open Vegan sandwitch (V) 3.990 kr.

Grilled sourdough bread, pickled pearl onions, fennel salad, hazelnuts, hummus, garlic-dressed chickpeas

Pan fried Char 4.690 kr.

Char, mashed potatoes, basil pesto, carrot paste, glazed carrots, deep-fried kale


Strawberries and Apples (V) 2.390 kr.              

Mareneruð Jarðaber , Jarðaberjaseyði , Epla Ís , Basil

Marinated Strawberries, Strawberry Broth, Apple Ice Cream, Basil

Chocolate cake 2.390 kr.

Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream, Berry Blend, Oats

Crème brûlée 2.390 kr.

Vanilla ice cream, strawberry dressing, baked white chocolate