Lunch Menu

Soup of the day1,490 ISK
Catch of the day2,390 ISK
Fish and Chips
Deep-fried cod in beer batter with coleslaw, tartar sauce and french fries
2,590 ISK
Fried bacalao
Salted cod with tomato concasse, basil, spring onion, potatoes and olives
3,590 ISK
Grilled Salmon
Sweet potatoe mash, marinated celery root, carrots, fennel, beetroots and saffron beurre blanc
3,590 ISK
Library langoustine sandwich
Butter-fried langoustine, rucola, cherry tomatos, Pickled red onions, Havarti cheese and garlic aioli

3,390 ISK
Duck salad
Duck confit, salad, spinach, balsamic dressing, Marinated beetroots, carrots, celery root, roasted cashew nuts, strawberries, parmesan and ginger dressing
2,690 ISK
Chicken salad
Chicken, salad, spinach, feta, carrots,balsamic marinated beetroots, celery root, roasted cashew nuts and cherry tomatoes
2,690 ISK
Warm salmon salad
Salmon in langoustine sauce, salad, coriander, marinated beetroots, carrots and celery roots, Parmesan and ginger dressing
2,990 ISK

Warm langoustine salad
Pan fried langoustine with beurre blanc, salad, roasted almonds, cashew nuts, sesame dressing and parmesan
3,390 ISK
Béarnaise burger
Salad, tomatoes, pickled cucumber, cheese, bacon, herbs aioli and French fries
2,690 ISK
Library burger
Salad, tomatoes, avocado, Camenbert cheese, Parmesan, Gouda cheese, red pesto, bacon, Dijon, BBQ and aioli
3,290 ISK
Vegan Qumph BBQ sandwich
Salad, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, pickled onion, garlic and sweet potato fries
3,390 ISK
Vegan lasagna
Foccacia bread, salad and dressing
2,690 ISK