Dinner Menu

FROM 17:00 TO 22:00


Perfect to share



Baked golden cheese with honey, blueberries,
roasted cashew nuts and Melba biscuits
1.990 kr.
The Library plate: Icelandic salami, parma ham, Catalan fuet sausage, olives and the cheeses Reykir and Feykir from Skagafjörður2.290 kr.
Sushi salmon tartare, soy pearls, ginger- and teriyaki sauce, wasabi cream, and wakame salad1.990 kr.
Cured Rainbow trout with apples, pickled mustard seeds, cucumber and dijon honey mustard sauce1.990 kr.
Mozzarella Burrata cheese with mixed tomatoes, basil pesto and Melba biscuits1.990 kr.
Garlic confit baked cherry tomatoes with dill, tomato- and chipotle biscuits990 kr.
Mixed olives and Peanut mix990 kr.

Main Courses

Grilled Beef Tenderloin
Baby potatoes, broccolini, mixed mushrooms, pearl onion and béarnaise sauce
5.790 kr.
Grilled Lamb Prime
Caramelized parsnip, wild mushrooms, balsamic pickled pearl onion, spring onion and lamb glaze
5.190 kr.
Light-Salted Cod
Barley risotto, garlic baked tomatoes, fried salami, dill and Yuzu hollandaise foam
3.390 kr.
Lobster Pasta
Tagliatelle with fried lobster in lobstersauce, broccolini, roasted walnuts and Melba toast

3.990 kr.
Caramelized Parsnip
Mixed mushrooms, pearl onions, truffle emulsion and thymian crumble (Vegan)
2.790 kr.
Library Salad
Lettuce mixture, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, red pepper, red onion, croutons and mustard dressing Choose between: chicken and parmesan
or oumph (Vegan)
2.790 kr.
Korean fried chicken in BBQ sauce (Yangneyom) with spring onion, sesam seeds and Yuzu mayonnaise2.190 kr.
Soft Corn Tacos with tiger shrimps, mango-avocado salsa and smoked mayonnaise.2.990 kr.
Deep fried chicken wings with BBQ and hot sauce
1.890 kr
Baby Back BBQ Ribs with hot sauce 2.990 kr
Crunchy fries with Truffle sauce890 kr.
Library Nacho Chips with guacamole and salsa sauce1.090 kr.
Baked baby potatoes with aioli and spring onions990 kr.

Sandwiches and burgers

Steak Sandwich
Slow cooked beef fillet on grilled focaccia bread, salad, fried onion, mixed mushrooms, BBQ, Béarnaise sauce and crunchy fries with cocktail-sauce
2.990 kr.
Lobster Sandwich
Fried lobster with Library lobster sauce on grilled focaccia bread, salad, confit tomatoes, dill and crunchy fries with aioli
3.390 kr.
The Cheesey one
Cheddar and gouda cheese
2.390 kr.
Truffle burger
Cheddar cheese, onion jam and truffle sauce
2.790 kr.
Classic with Bernaise
Cheddar cheese, bacon and béarnaise sauce
2.790 kr.

(The hamburgers are 140gr. and served in soft potato bread, romaine salad, tomatoes, dill-pickled cucumbers, Library mayo, crunchy French fries and cocktail sauce)

Oumph burger (Vegan)
Oumph, onion jam, mixed mushrooms, salad, tomatoes, dill pickled cucumbers and aioli sauce
2.990 kr.


Cheese burger
with crunchy fries and ketchup
1.190 kr.
Icelandic Fish
with crunchy fries and ketchup
1.190 kr.
Deepfried Chicken
with crunchy fries and ketchup
1.290 kr.
Mini Pizzas
with crunchy fries and ketchup
1.390 kr.
Vanilla Ice cream
with liquirice meringue and caramel sauce
590 kr.

The kids menu is only for 12 years old and younger


Reykjanes Lava Cake
Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, meringue, raspberry´s and caramel sauce
1.890 kr.
Lemon Sorbet (Vegan)
Berry Compote, dried raspberry and roasted oats
1.790 kr.
Daim créme brulée
Cocos gelato, caramel sauce and berry compote
1.790 kr.