Soup of the day1,490 kr.
Catch of the day1,290 kr.

from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm weekdays


pickles, rucola salad, chili mayonnaise and parmesan cheese
2,450 kr.
Cured salmon
grilled beer bread, salad and horseradish sauce
2,200 kr.
Panfried langoustine
garlic bread and white wine sauce
2,800 kr.
French onion soup
with croutons and parmesan cheese
2,290 kr.

Our fish

Grilled salmon
mashed potatoes, leeks, capers, cellery, fennel, and Hollandaise sauce
3,590 kr.
Fried bacalao
tomato concasse, basil, spring onions, olives and potatoes
3,590 kr.
Fish and chips
cod, beer batter, coleslaw, tartar sauce and french fries
2,590 kr.

Soup & Salads

Fish soup
langoustine, mussels and scallops, coconut, ginger and star anise
2,690 kr.
Chicken salad
piri piri chicken, salad, spinach, red chard, cherry tomatoes, apples, cashew nuts, feta cheese, parmesan and ginger dressing
2,590 kr.
Duck confirt salad
duck confit, salad, red chard, feta cheese, red onion, cashew nuts, parmesan, strawberries and sesame citrus dressing
2,690 kr.
Green salad
sweet potatoes, salad, spinach, red chard, apples, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, cashew nuts, parmesan and ginger dressing
2,190 kr.


Oumph BBQ sandwich
salad, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, pickled onions, garlic sauce and sweet potato fries
2,790 kr.
wheat tortilla, onions, kidney beans, cauliflower, tomatoes, apricots, coriander dressing and salad
2,690 kr.
foccacia bread, salad and dressing
2,690 kr.

Sandwiches & burgers

Library Langoustine sandwich
rucola salad, cherry tomatoes, red onion jam, havarti cheese and baked garlic aioli
3,390 kr.
Steak sandwich
flank steak, salad, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, fried onions, herb aioli and Béarnaise sauce
2,990 kr.
Béarnaise burger
salad, tomatoes, pickles, red onion jam, maribo cheese, bacon, herb aioli, and Béarnaise sauce
2,690 kr.
BBQ burgeer
salad, tomatoes, pickles, fried onions, maribo cheese, bacon, herb aioli and BBQ sauce
2,990 kr.


Boeuf Bourguignon
pearl onions, mushrooms, bacon, carrots and potatoes
4,900 kr.
Slow cooked lamb shank
root vegetables, mashed potatoes and demi glace sauce
3,990 kr.
Grilled leg of lamb
potatoes, beetroots, spring onions and Béarnaise sauce
4,600 kr.

Kids menu

FIsh and chips

1,390 kr.
Cheeseburger and fries

1,390 kr.
Grilled ham and cheese sandwich with fries1,390 kr.
Kids get a free ice cream


Daim créme brulée
with salty caramel ice cream
1,550 kr.
French chocolate cake
with vanilla ice cream strawberries
1,550 kr.
Deep fried camenbert cheese
jam, berries, crostini
1,550 kr.
Brown & cream cheese mosiac
fig ice cream
1,550 kr.